The benefits of being an IxDF member

Melissa Streck
3 min readJun 7, 2021


Since I knew the IxDF, some years ago, I used a lot of its material (videos and articles) for academic and professional reasons. In 2020 I became a member of the community , so I had the opportunity to get more deeper in the UX ocean, learnign and getting evolved with many different cultures and approaches.

At IxDFI did courses with a significant differential, with excellent teachers and relevant content. The knowledge I gained I can apply for different opportunities, as for my classes or for the jobs I do within the market. The content of the IxDFis rich and diversified, and I see that there’s also a concern to keep it updated and interesting. As a teacher and researcher in UX design, I can contribute to build interesting contents and look for learning methods that bring interest from students. This is what I always look for in my online classes, because students are like users: we have to create empathy and deliver more that is expected for them.

Specifically about the UX courses, there are a variety of subjects and you can choose the paths you wan to follow. I did some very different ones that I found intersting for my carreer.

Intermediate UX courses

During the courses, students have the opportunity to get evolved with the community, doing practical activities or bringing cases to the discution. The course content is divided in video based content and text based content, that turns the learning process more intersting. There´s also a short evaluation at the end of each completed step that helps to retain the content.

Some courses that I had conclude helped me in new perspectives, like the folowing:

Gestalt Psycohology and Webdesign: The ultimate guide — allowed me to increase my perception about UI elements and how they can influence or contribute in good or bad experiences.

User research Methods and best practices — In this course I get a complete guide about research methods in different phases of the product life.

Mobile User Experience (UX Design) — this course broght me great insights about mobility perspectives and peculiarities. In a world that turns digital and mobile, open the mind for what´s next in tech possibilities x experiences for mobile devices is essencial.

How to design for Augmented and Virtual Reality — this course was very special for me, because at the time I was working in a RA project and the course broght me very important insights for my work.

How to design for Augmented and Virtual Reality — author screenshot

Some of the most significant things about the IxDF, in my vision, is the possibility to get connected to professional designers from all over the world, as a big community. This provides networking and knowledge changing. So it’s a possibility to get in contact and updated in different cultures and about the state of art of the Interaction Design discipline.

So I can tell, if you have the opportunity to join IxDF, being part of the community, it will help you in your career as interaction designer, no matter witch focus you will give to it. So, believe me: any course you take in IxDF will be very usefull at some time :)



Melissa Streck

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